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   (a)   In every case where the regulatory provisions of either this Building Code or the State apply to work to be done, an application for a building permit shall be filed with the Building Department, accompanied with detailed plans therefor satisfactory to the Department. A permit for the doing of the work covered by such plans shall be obtained before any work is undertaken.
   (b)   (1)   No permit shall be issued for any structure requiring sanitary facilities, unless such structure has available to it an adequate sanitary or combined sewer to receive the sanitary waste from the building.
      (2)   A grading permit, based upon the applicant's approved grading plan, issued by the Public Works Department for a fee as provided in Chapter 208, shall be secured prior to the issuance of a permit for the construction of a dwelling.
      (3)   Upon receipt of the grading plan, the Public Works Department will review the plan and make a determination as to the location of drains and/or swales as may be required to properly drain the property in question.
      (4)   Grades will also be set to establish the depth below grade of first and basement floors and the finish grade at the dwelling.
   (c)   A building permit shall be obtained from the Building Inspector before proceeding with excavations or any of the following classes of work:
      (1)   New construction;
      (2)   Additions or alterations;
      (3)   Moving or demolition;
      (4)   Plumbing;
      (5)   Heating and ventilating;
      (6)   Electrical; or
      (7)   Signs and billboards.
(Ord. 128-80.  Passed 9-22-80; Ord. 228-04.  Passed 10-25-04; Ord. 43-2014.  Passed 4-14-14.)