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   (a)   The Building Department shall be under the direction of an Ohio Registered Architect, or an Ohio Registered Engineer, or a Superintendent of Construction, who shall have had at least ten years paid experience in building construction and have been in responsible charge of the design or construction of buildings. He or she shall also be generally informed on the quality and strength of building materials and the proper application thereof.
(Ord. 1223.  Passed 10-27-58.)
   (b)   General Responsibilities.
      (1)   Under general supervision of the Building Official, the Building Inspector shall inspect all construction plans and projects to ensure compliance with all State and City codes, specifications and procedures.
      (2)   The Building Inspector shall investigate complaints involving code violations. He or she shall maintain files and records as required.
      (3)   The Building Inspector shall attend meetings and perform other related inspections, jobs and duties as required by the Building Official.
   (c)   Additional qualifications and the duties of the Building Inspector shall be as set forth in the job evaluation ordinances of the Municipality.
(Ord. 1233.  Passed 11-24-58; Ord. 47-08.  Passed 3-31-08.)