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Off-Street Parking Regulations
1264.01   Purpose.
1264.02   Determination of required off- street parking spaces.
1264.03   Off-street parking spaces required.
1264.04   Allowance for shared parking.
1264.05   Deferred construction of parking spaces.
1264.06   Reduction of required parking spaces in B-3 Districts.
1264.07   Location of required parking spaces.
1264.08   Off-street waiting spaces.
1264.09   Off-street loading and unloading required.
1264.10   Regulations for access drives.
1264.11   Improvement and maintenance standards.
1264.12   Screening and landscaping.
   Off-street parking facilities - see Ohio R.C. 717.05 et seq.
   Parking generally - see TRAF. Ch. 452
   Storage of junk vehicles - see GEN. OFF. 660.07
   Parking requirements in planned unit developments - see P. & Z. 1252.07