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   The following sign regulations are in addition to the maximum sign area and height regulations set forth in Sections 1262.04 and 1262.05.
   (a)   Permanent Freestanding Residential Identification Signs.  A permanent freestanding residential identification sign shall be permitted for each entrance to residential development pursuant to the area limitations of Schedule 1262.05 in compliance with the following regulations:
      (1)   Such signs shall be placed on private property no closer than 15 feet to the right-of-way except as permitted in paragraph (a)(2) hereof and shall be located no closer than 20 feet to a side lot line.
      (2)   A freestanding identification sign may be located on the center island of a boulevard entrance, placed no closer than 25 feet to the intersecting street's right-of-way.
   (b)   Temporary Freestanding Residential Identification Signs.  One temporary freestanding residential identification sign, no more than 40 square feet in area and no more than 7 feet in height, shall be permitted while a subdivision is under construction for a period not to exceed 15 months unless extended by the Zoning Administrator.
   (c)   Institutional Signs in Residential Districts.  Accessory signs for institutional uses in a Residential District shall be permitted according to the following regulations:
      (1)   One freestanding identification sign shall be permitted and shall be set back from the right-of-way a minimum of 7 feet, shall not exceed 36 square feet per sign face; and
      (2)   A wall sign shall be permitted to a maximum of 1 square foot per linear foot of building frontage, not to exceed 100 square feet.
   (d)   Temporary Special Event Signs.  Signs erected for a special promotion or other event shall be erected and such signs shall not be located so as to cause a traffic or other safety hazard.  Such signs may be approved by the Zoning Administrator, provided that the following conditions are met:
      (1)   They shall not exceed the permitted wall sign area;
      (2)   They shall be located directly in front of the business they are  promoting and shall be located no more than 10 feet from the wall of the business.
      (3)   They shall not contain any flashing or moving parts.
      (4)   They shall be permitted in residential areas not exceeding 6 square foot per sign face.
      (5)   They shall not be continued for more than 14 consecutive days without receiving additional approval from the Zoning Administrator.
   If any of the conditions in paragraphs (d)(1) to (5) hereof are not met, the sign shall be subject to the site plan review procedures pursuant to Section 1217.03.
   Political signs are not temporary event signs and, therefore, are not subject to the regulations of this section.
   (e)   Instructional Signs. Signs that are clearly intended for instructional purposes and, as determined by the Zoning Administrator, as authorized, are not larger than necessary to serve the intended instructional purpose, nor are in locations which can be viewed and read from a public street, shall not be included in the sum of the area of identification signs. Such signs shall be approved by the Zoning Administrator pursuant to the regulations in Section 1262.11.
   (f)   Directional Signs. Signs that are directional, as defined in this chapter, and located within 30 feet of the public right-of-way, shall not exceed 4 square feet per sign face.
   (g)   Security Signs.  Security signs which indicate the presence of a home security system shall be located no closer than 30 feet from the public right-of-way and such sign shall not exceed 2 square feet per sign face.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99.)