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   Prior to approval of a site plan to construct and locate a wireless telecommunications tower and related facility, an independent certified structural engineer shall be engaged by the City, whose services shall be paid for in total by the applicant pursuant to the direction of the City Planner.  The City may pay for such services in advance for the purpose of timeliness and invoice the applicant for charges.  The applicant shall reimburse the City in full within thirty days of receipt of such invoice.  The applicant may also be responsible for obtaining independent opinions of other technical experts for the purpose of verifying the safety and structural integrity of towers and other wireless telecommunications facilities, including, but not limited to, representatives of the FCC, the FAA and a person qualified to certify the safety of and comment upon radio frequency emission, in a manner as determined acceptable to the City, as directed by the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 90-98.  Passed 5-18-98.)