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   In addition to the applicable planning criteria set forth in this Code, the Planning Commission shall only approve a general development plan pursuant to the procedures of Section 1252.09 when the Commission determines that the application satisfies the following criteria:
   (a)   Topography and Natural Features. The planned unit development shall be designed to take advantage of the natural features and to minimize the destruction of trees and topsoil. The natural features and other distinctive characteristics of the site shall be integrated into the plan to create variations in the arrangements of buildings, open spaces and site features. It is intended that a program for preserving and quickly recreating an attractive landscape environment be a part of any development. Natural wooded areas shall be preserved to the greatest extent possible.
   (b)   Landscaping. All development and common open space shall be landscaped according to all overall coordinated plan, utilizing a variety of trees, including evergreen type whenever possible to maximize screening potential year-round.  Plantings, walls, fencing and screens shall be so designed and located as to optimize privacy and aesthetic quality without encroaching upon required automobile sight distances.
   (c)   Location of Dwelling Units. No dwelling unit shall front on a primary street. All dwelling units, wherever possible, shall front on cul-de-sacs, one-way or loop streets, or be accessible from courts or private streets as may be permitted.
   (d)   Development Layout. Dwelling units shall be grouped or clustered to provide interest and diversity in the arrangement, maximize privacy, collect and maximize the common open space and promote the individual character and coordinated layout of each lot, cluster and grouping. Streets and cul-de-sacs shall be laid out so as to discourage through and high-speed traffic unless such through street is needed to be in compliance with the City's Thoroughfare Plan.
   (e)   Vehicular Circulation. The circulation system and parking facilities shall be designed to fully accommodate the automobile with safety and efficiency. Any driveway to arterial and collector streets shall be placed at locations where the traffic can be controlled and operated effectively with the minimum interference with the capacity and flow of the existing streets.
   (f)   Pedestrian Circulation. An interconnecting walkway system shall be designed to promote easy and direct barrier free access, using accepted criteria, to all areas of the development in a carefully conceived total service plan while also considering the security of the residents in the design. Wherever possible, the vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns shall be completely separate and independent of one another.
   (g)   Bicycle Plan. A planned unit development shall consider the City's Master Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan where applicable on or adjacent to the site. A component of the bike plan which is proposed within a planned unit development shall be assured for public access by easements, agreements or covenants as may be appropriate after review by appropriate departments, acceptance by the Law Director and approval by Council.
   (h)   Solid Waste Storage and Disposal. All solid waste rubbish, garbage and receptacles shall be stored in enclosed areas acceptable to and regulated by the City.
(Ord. 48-2002.  Passed 2-25-02.)