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   The developer shall, prior to the approval of his or her plat be required to post with the City a maintenance bond in an amount equal to 20% of the cost of pavement construction in the subdivision as computed by the Municipal Engineer. Such bond shall be held as a guaranty to the City that the developer shall replace or repairs upon request of the City, any defective pavement areas which may appear during the period of one year following the date of approval of the plat. The developer shall request, in writing, within 18 to 20 months of the final plat acceptance that the pavement be inspected and deficiencies noted for repairs. After repairs are made, pavement joints within the subdivision shall be cleaned and resealed with hot sealer if needed as directed by the City Engineer prior to final acceptance of pavement.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99; Ord. 120-03.  Passed 6-9-03.)