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   Signs shall be approved according to the following procedures:
   (a)   Planning Commission Review.  Signs shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission according to the procedures set forth in Section 1217.03(d) through (i) unless they are:
      (1)   Exempt pursuant to division (b) of this section;
      (2)   Do not require a zoning permit pursuant to Section 1262.11; or
      (3)   Have been determined by the Planning Commissions Secretary, the Zoning Administrator, and the Avon Lake Utilities Department to comply with all code requirements of Chapter 1262.
   (b)   Administrative Approval.  The Zoning Administrator may approve a sign application and issue a zoning permit, provided it complies with the regulations contained in Chapter 1262, for any signs which are:
      (1)   Consistent with an already approved sign plan; and/or
      (2)   Exclusively instructional or directional.
   (c)   Submission Requirements.  The following items are required when a sign application is submitted to the Planning Commission Secretary either as part of the Site Plan Review procedures pursuant to Section 1217.03 (d) through (i) or as a separate application:
      (1)   Drawings showing the proposed location of sign(s), buildings, access drives, parking areas and all property lines and rights-of-way;
      (2)   Proposed design and layout, including the exact message, symbol or logo and the size, height and total area of the sign(s);
      (3)   Proposed materials, colors, type of lettering or other symbols; and
      (4)   Photographs or drawings of the building and surrounding buildings, signs and uses.
      (5)   The Site Plan for the sign shall not be a part of the Landscaping Plan approval.
(Ord. 48-02.  Passed 2-25-02; Ord. 17-2010.  Passed 2-8-10.)