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   In addition to such other responsibilities that may be prescribed outside of this Planning and Zoning Code, for the purposes of this Planning and Zoning Code the Planning Commission Secretary shall have the following powers and duties:
   (a)   Shall act as the Secretary to the Planning Commission.
   (b)   Accept and review all applications required by this Code subject to Planning Commission review and may make suggestions to the Planning Commission. These shall include:
      (1)   Proposed amendments;
      (2)   Projects subject to site plan review;
      (3)   Conditional use applications; and
      (4)   Other matters as requested by the Planning Commission.
   (c)   Coordinates administrative review process;
   (d)   Prepare Planning Commission packets;
   (e)   Communicates with various department heads involved in the administrative review process;
   (f)   Advises applicants of revisions recommended as a result of administrative review;
   (g)   Attends Planning Commission meetings and presents cases and provides information/sug- gestions to Planning Commission as requested;
   (h)   Prepares agendas, public notices, mailings and other correspondence relevant to Planning Commission activities and distributes and posts such notices and correspondence as needed;
   (i)   Records minutes, distributes copies and maintains records/files of Planning Commission activities;
   (j)   Maintain the "Official Zoning District Map".
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99.)