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   (a)   There shall be no burials within the City except in property specifically so dedicated by Council.
   (b)   Only that area of the existing Municipal Cemetery which is properly and legally plotted for use as cemetery plots shall be available for and used as burial sites.
   (c)   The section of the Municipal Cemetery which is not so plotted shall not be used for interment of the dead.
   (d)   The care and custody of the Municipal Cemetery and any other cemeteries or burial grounds which are established within the City shall be under the direction and supervision of the person appointed to the position of Sexton by Council. Such Sexton shall be under the direction of the Public Works Director.
   (e)   The Sexton of such cemeteries or burial grounds may make bylaws and regulations, as may be deemed necessary, not inconsistent with the ordinances of the City and the Constitution and laws of the State, for the management and protection of the burial grounds and cemeteries under his or her control, and such bylaws and regulations shall have the same validity as the ordinances of the City. The Sexton shall perform such other duties pertaining to the office as Council, by ordinance, prescribes.
(Ord. 127-74.  Passed 8-26-74; Ord. 43-2014.  Passed 4-14-14.)