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   (a)   The use of the swimming pool facilities shall, because of limited accommodations, be limited to residents of the City and their guests, and nonresident employees of the City as provided in this section.
   (b)   Residents may use the swimming pool facilities only upon the purchase of season admission tickets or single daily admission tickets from the Recreation Department. Nonresident employees of the City and their immediate families may use the swimming pool facilities without being accompanied by a resident by purchasing daily admission tickets. The fees for such tickets shall be as set forth in Chapter 208 of the Administration Code - the General Fee Schedule.
   (c)   No season admission tickets will be sold to guests of residents, but any such guests, when accompanying residents to the facilities, may be admitted upon the purchase of and payment for single daily admission tickets at the prevailing fee for the day.
   (d)   The Recreation Director may, from time to time, increase or decrease any of the fees or charges established by Council with the approval of the Mayor and Council.
   (e)   Lost season admission tickets may be reissued by the Recreation Department upon satisfactory proof of such loss and upon the payment of a fee as set forth in Chapter 208
(Ord. 50-62. Passed 4-23-62; Ord. 29-63. Passed 3-11-63; Ord. 94-74. Passed 6-10-74; Ord. 60-2013. Passed 5-28-13.)