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   The following Veterans' Memorial Park Rules are hereby enacted for compliance by all persons who visit and use the area and facilities of such Park. Such rules are in addition and supplemental to the Municipal park rules set forth in Section 1070.02, all of which shall remain applicable to Veterans' Memorial Park:
   (a)   No person shall swim in any area other than an area designated as a swimming area, which area is protected and supervised by lifeguard personnel.
   (b)   No person shall bring into and use or attempt to use in a designated and protected swimming area any of the following: a ball of any kind, a boat, a raft, an innertube and/or any other flotation device, except Coast Guard approved flotation devices, or water vehicle. No person shall launch or throw any such item from the beach area or any breakwall.
   (c)   Pets are not allowed in the designated swim area, the adjacent swimming beach, or within the Veteran's Memorial structure. Pets may only enter and exit the lake via the beach and adjacent shoreline area west of the Heider Creek channel.
   (d)   No person shall run upon or dive or jump from any breakwall.
   (e)   No person shall launch or dock any boat from or upon any area of the Park, nor shall any person haul a boat and/or trailer through or upon any area of the Park, or park any such item in any area of the Park, except as may be allowed by agreement with and permission of the Municipality.
   (f)   No person shall bring any glass, metal bottle, or can upon the Park beach area or cause the same to remain upon such area. No person shall cause or start any fire of any kind in the Park beach area.
   (g)   No person shall fish in any area of the Park, except as may be permitted at designated times and at designated areas, as set forth in written notices of such times and areas which may from time to time be posted in the Park area.
(Ord. 136-84.  Passed 10-8-84; Ord. 167-08.  Passed 10-8-08; Ord. 110-2012.  Passed 7-9-12.)