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   (a)   Statement of Status and Acknowledgment of Receipt. No person shall sell, by deed, land contract or otherwise, any interest in any real property located within the City, which is supplied with water and sewer services of the Utilities Department, without first furnishing the purchaser with a statement from the Department setting forth the current status of the water and sewer account, of such real property, and, when an escrow account has been established, without first depositing in such account, prior to delivery of possession or transfer of title, a statement from the purchaser acknowledging the receipt of such document and accepting responsibility for all future bills on both accounts and in accordance with these Codified Ordinances and the rules and regulations of the Board of Municipal Utilities.
   (b)   Disbursement of Funds by Escrow Agent. No person acting in the capacity of an escrow agent in any real property transaction involving the sale of real property located within the City, which is serviced or supplied with water and sewer services of the Department, shall disburse any funds unless subsection (a) hereof has been complied with.
   (c)   Rights of Purchaser. Conviction under any section of these Codified Ordinances shall not be a bar to the right of the purchaser of real property to recover by civil suit, from either the previous owner, the seller, the real estate agent or the escrow agent, the amount of money due for water and sewer services supplied by the Department to the previous owner or seller and paid for by the purchaser.
(Ord. 66-92.  Passed 4-27-92; Ord. 25-2014. Passed 2-24-14.)