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   (a)   All trees on tree lawns or public places near any excavation, construction of any building or structure, or street work, shall be guarded with a protective device such as a substantial fence, frame or box not less than four feet high and eight feet square or placed at a distance in feet from the tree equal to the diameter of the trunk in inches, measured at a trunk height of approximately four and one-half inches from the ground, (D.B.H.), whichever is greater, and all building material, dirt or other debris shall be kept outside the barrier. The protective device must be structurally sound and capable of protecting the trees from all expected encroachment by debris and machinery associated with said excavation and/or construction.
   (b)   No person shall excavate any ditches, tunnels or trenches or lay any drive within a radius of ten feet from any public tree without first obtaining a written permit therefor from the Municipal Arborist.
(Ord. 199-94. Passed 10-24-94.)