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   (a)   With respect to sidewalks heretofore laid within the City not in conformity with the requirements of this chapter, there is reserved to the City such rights as are granted to the City by the statutes of the State to require such walks to be relaid or repaired in conformity with the provisions of this chapter.
   (b)   The installation and repair of sidewalks in City rights of way are the responsibility of abutting property owners.  Existing sidewalk slabs that are uneven or out of alignment with adjacent slabs by one inch or more must be repaired.  If an existing sidewalk slab is cracked, and the crack is more than one inch in width or results in a difference in elevation of one inch or more on each side of the crack, the slab must be replaced.  Existing sidewalk slabs that slope more than one inch per foot toward the street or toward the abutting property must be repaired.
(Ord. 103-99.  Passed 6-14-99.)