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   In the right of way, sidewalks shall be constructed of concrete on two inches of limestone base per the following specifications and under the direction of the Municipal Engineer.
   Concrete shall be continuously deposited between bulkheads to a uniform thickness of four inches to the full depth and width of the walk.  The concrete, after being placed, shall be thoroughly compacted and brought to the proper pitch and grade with a template or straight edge.  Immediately prior to the finishing of the surface, the walk shall be cut into slabs not longer than four feet on any one side, with one-half inch expansion joints at intervals not to exceed thirty feet.  The finish of the walk shall immediately follow the placing and compacting of the concrete.  The concrete shall have a minimum of six sacks of cement per cubic yard, six percent air entrained following ODOT specifications and the following on two inches of limestone base.  Unless otherwise ordered, the finish shall be the same as that produced with wood floats.  After the concrete has been properly placed and finished as heretofore specified, the surface of the concrete shall be covered with waterproof membrane as soon as the concrete has hardened sufficiently to prevent the material from excessively marring the surface.  The concrete shall be protected to insure that the concrete temperatures will not go below forty degrees Fahrenheit.  The contractor shall erect suitable barricades and take adequate precautions to keep all traffic or other operations off the newly-laid walks for a period of not less than forty-eight hours from the completion of construction.  No walks will be accepted where foot marks, depressions or other irregularities exist. 
(Ord. 56-90.  Passed 3-26-90.)