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   There is hereby levied an annual license tax, in addition to the tax levied by Ohio R.C. 4503.02, 4503.07 and 4503.18, upon the operation of motor vehicles on the public roads or highways, for purposes of paying costs and expenses of enforcing and administering the tax provided for in this chapter; for planning, constructing, improving, maintaining and repairing public roads, highways and streets; for maintaining and repairing bridges and viaducts; for paying the Municipality's portion of costs and expenses of cooperating with the Ohio Department of Transportation in the planning, improvement and construction of State highways; for paying the Municipality's portion of compensation, damages, costs and expenses of planning, constructing, reconstructing, improving, maintaining and repairing roads and streets; for paying any costs apportioned to the Municipality under Ohio R.C. 4907.47; for paying debt service charges on notes or bonds of the Municipality issued for such purposes; for puchasing, erecting and maintaining street and traffic signs and markers; for purchasing, erecting and maintaining traffic lights and signals; and to supplement revenue already available for such purposes.
(Ord. 90-78.  Passed 4-24-78.)