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   No individual, corporation or partnership shall operate as a private investigator or security guard provider or shall engage in the business of private investigation or the business of security services within the City until such individual, corporation or partnership has registered with the Police Department and upon registration has provided the Police Department the following:
   (a)   The name, current address and Social Security number, if an individual or partnership, of the individual, partnership or corporation holding the Class A, B or C license issued by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4749.03, under which such individual, partnership or corporation is operating.  A copy of such license shall also be supplied to the Police Department upon registration; and
   (b)   The names, current addresses and Social Security numbers of all employees engaged in the business of private investigation, the business of security services, or both, and copies of the identification cards furnished by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce to such employees.
(Ord. 119-92.  Passed 7-27-92.)