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   Whenever any tree, plant, shrubbery, noxious weeds or undesirable vegetation, or parts thereof, are trimmed or removed or such litter removed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter by the City, then after such work is performed, the Zoning Administrator shall determine the cost of cutting and removal and shall cause a statement thereof to be mailed to the property owner of record. If such work is done by contract, the entire cost shall be determined by adding 15% to the actual contract cost as a reasonable charge to pay for the cost of supervision by the Zoning Administrator, the service of notice, inspection and/or other factors incidental to the completion of the work. The owner shall pay such costs as are charged in accordance with this chapter within 30 days after the statement of charges has been mailed to the owner at the address of record in the office of the County Auditor.  Such payments shall be credited to the appropriation from which such cost was paid by the City.  If the charge is not paid within 30 days after mailing, the Zoning Administrator shall make a written return to the County Auditor of his actions under this chapter with a statement of the charges or services, the amount paid for labor, the fee of the officers serving the notices, the charges incurred for notification and a proper description of the premises. These amounts, when allowed, shall be entered upon the tax duplicate and become a lien upon such lands from and after the date of entry and be collected as other taxes and returned to the City with the General Fund.
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