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   If the owner, lessee, agent or tenant having charge of the lands mentioned in this chapter fails to comply with the notice provided for in this chapter, the City shall cause such trees, plants or shrubbery along public streets and highways, noxious weeds and undesirable vegetation, to be cut and destroyed, or such litter to be removed, and may employ the necessary labor to perform the task. “Labor” shall include removal of rocks, debris, garbage, wood or other materials which, by their presence, would damage or destroy mowing equipment or cause the cutting of weeds to be unachievable. All expenses incurred shall be paid out of money in the Treasury of the City not otherwise appropriated.
(Ord. 40-92.  Passed 3-23-92; Ord. 123-05.  Passed 7-11-05; Ord. 58-09.  Passed 6-8-09; Ord. 1-2013.  Passed 1-14-13.)