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   (a)   “City property” means any enclosed area of any building, structure, vehicle, or other enclosed space owned and operated by the City, wheresoever located within the City.
   (b)   “Sign” means legible, English lettering on a contrasting background to clearly indicate that smoking is not permitted and to provide related information. The international “NO SMOKING” symbol, consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed with a red circle with a red bar across it, may be used in or substituted for a sign indicating that smoking is prohibited. A sign shall be of sufficient size to be clearly legible to one of normal vision throughout the area it is intended to mark.
   (c)   “Smoking” means the combustion of tobacco, including cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigar tobacco and all other types and forms of tobacco products.
   (d)   “Smoking materials” means any cigar, cigarette, pipe, weed, plant or other smoking equipment in any form.
   (e)   “Tobacco” means any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, electronic cigarette, and any other smoking product, and spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dip, chew and snuff, in any form.
   (f)   “City land” means any unenclosed land owned or managed by the City, including but not limited to parking lots and landscaped areas, but not including dedicated streets, sidewalks, and tree lawns.
(Ord. 191-94.  Passed 10-24-94; Ord. 197-2017.  Passed 12-18-17; Ord. 102-2018.  Passed 6-11-18.)