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   (a)   The Fire Chief is hereby designated as the Emergency Hazardous Material Manager.
   (b)   It shall henceforth be the practice and policy of the City, when an emergency action is required to protect the public health or safety or the environment, to charge any person responsible for causing or allowing an unauthorized spill, release or discharge of material into or upon the environment for the necessary and reasonable additional or extraordinary costs the City incurs in investigating, mitigating, minimizing, removing or abating the spill, release or discharge in the course of an emergency action, provided the criteria and methods prescribed under 40 C.F.R. 300, as amended, are utilized and adhered to.
   (c)   The City hereby adopts the cost recovery plan and training procedures adopted by the County Emergency Management Agency and declares its intention to implement the same.
(Ord. 88-89.  Passed 5-22-89.)