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   (a)   Cleaning and Repairing Sidewalks.
      (1)   No owner of any lot or land abutting upon any street or highway shall refuse, fail or neglect to repair or keep in repair the sidewalk in front of such lot or land after due notice ordering the repair of such sidewalk.
      (2)   If the owner or person having charge of such land fails to comply with such notice, Council shall cause the sidewalk to be repaired.  All expenses and labor costs incurred shall, when approved by Council, be paid out of Municipal funds not otherwise appropriated.  Council shall make a written return to the County Auditor of its action, with a statement of the charges for the services, the amount paid for labor, the fees of the officers serving such notices and a proper description of the premises.  Such amounts, when allowed, shall be entered upon the tax duplicate and be a lien upon such lands from and after the date of the entry and be collected as other taxes and returned to the Municipality with the General Fund.
   (b)   Encumbrances on Streets and Sidewalks.  No person shall encumber any street or sidewalk or, being the owner, occupant or person having care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street or sidewalk, permit the same to be encumbered with barrels, boxes, cans, articles or substances of any kind, so as to interfere with the free and unobstructed use thereof.
   (c)   Injurious Materials on Sidewalks and Playgrounds.  No person shall place or knowingly drop upon any part of a sidewalk or playground any tacks, bottles, wire, glass, nails or other articles which may damage property of another or injure any person or animal traveling along or upon such sidewalk or playground.
   (d)   Protecting Sidewalks.  In the transportation of any goods, materials or equipment across any sidewalk in the Municipality, efficient temporary planking shall be used to protect such sidewalks from breakage and such temporary planking shall be removed at the close of each working day and the surface of the sidewalk immediately cleaned and left in a passable condition.
   (e)   Defacing Sidewalk Pavement.  No person shall walk on, or allow any animal upon, or injure or deface in any way, any soft or newly laid sidewalk pavement.
   (f)   Sidewalk Sales or Displays.  No person shall use any street or sidewalk area, including the lateral strip area between the street and sidewalk, for the display or sale of merchandise or for any advertising display.
   (g)   Sidewalk Openings.  No person shall allow any cellar or trap door, coal chute or elevator or lift opening in any sidewalk to remain open without providing suitable safeguards to protect and warn pedestrian traffic of the dangerous condition.
   (h)   Obstructions; Nuisances.  No owner of any lot or land abutting upon a sidewalk located within a City street or roadway right-of-way shall fail to keep such sidewalk free from snow, any nuisance or any obstruction.
   (i)   Penalty.  Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.  A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.  The penalty shall be as provided in Section 698.02.
(Ord. 239-87.  Passed 11-9-87.)