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   (a)   If the ordinary and usual flow of motor vehicle traffic within the City on Lake Road, Walker Road, Electric Boulevard, Miller Road, Moore Road, Avon Belden Road, Jaycox Road and/or Lear Road is substantially impeded as the direct and proximate result of construction or utility work being performed by a private general contractor, traffic control on such roads at such times shall be performed by a uniformed, off-duty police officer pursuant to an individual personal service contract between such officer and the general contractor involved.
   (b)   Whenever open competitive bidding is required by applicable law for a public project, the traffic control terms as provided in subsection (a) hereof shall be included in the bid instructions and specifications to be publicly advertised for such public project.
   (c)   If, after reasonable steps are taken by the general contractor involved to obtain such services, no uniformed off-duty police officers are available for the times required during which such construction or utility work is being performed, then the traffic control terms as provided in subsection (a) hereof shall be deemed to have been fulfilled and other traffic control services may be utilized in order to protect and maintain the public safety in the traffic impeded area.
(Ord. 171-89.  Passed 7-31-89.)