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   The Digital Media Commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
   (a)   To advise Council regarding general policy relating to the operation and uses of access channels with a view toward maximizing the diversity of programs and services to subscribers and users;
   (b)   To recommend to Council when activation of additional access channels is necessary if the grantee elects, under the terms of the current regulations and/or laws of franchise agreements to initially combine access programming on one access channel;
   (c)   To encourage the use of access channels among the widest range of institutions, groups and individuals within the City;
   (d)   To encourage cooperation with universities, museums and other institutions located in the City or in neighboring communities with a view toward utilizing the facilities located therein to enrich the quality and diversity of access channel programming for the system;
   (e)   To advise Council of changes in the state-of-the-art of cable technology and the applicability of the same to access channel programming for the system;
   (f)   To review budgets and recommend expenditures as appropriate; and
   (g)   To submit an annual report to Council, including, but not limited to, a summary of the utilization of access channels, a review of any plans submitted during the year by the grantee for the development of new services, and a summary report of Digital Media Commission deliberations throughout the year in connection with its assigned functions.
(Ord. 80-94.  Passed 4-25-94; Ord. 181-2018.  Passed 12-17-18.)