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   (a)   There is hereby established in and for the City a citizens’ advisory commission entitled the Digital Media Commission. The Digital Media Commission shall consist of three members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council, two members appointed by the Council, and the one member of the Natural Resources, Environmental, and Public Media Committee, who shall serve as an ex officio member.  A representative from the Avon Lake School System or Board of Education may serve as an ex officio member of the Digital Media Commission without vote. All members shall serve without remuneration. Appointments to the Digital Media Commission shall be made without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion or handicap, and appointees may not be employed by, nor have any financial interest in, the broadcasting, cable communications or telephone business. Nonresidents of the City who possess sufficient qualifications to perform the duties imposed herein may be considered for appointment to the Digital Media Commission.  Appointments to the Digital Media Commission shall, as far as is practicable, include individuals having expertise or experience in such areas as:
      (1)   Law focusing on FCC regulations, copyright, and Internet regulations;
      (2)   Technology relating to media communications;
      (3)   Marketing and social media;
      (4)   Education and non-profit;
      (5)   Consumer affairs relating to cable access and Internet communications; and
      (6)   Historic understanding of Avon Lake and ALC-TV.
   (b)   Appointed members shall serve for three-year terms.
   (c)   The Digital Media Commission shall designate a chairperson by a majority vote of its members to serve until the remainder of his or her term.
(Ord. 80-94.  Passed 4-25-94; Ord. 47-04.  Passed 3-8-04; Ord. 26-09.  Passed 3-16-09; Ord. 5-2010.  Passed 1-11-10; Ord. 196-2017.  Passed 12-18-17; Ord. 181-2018.  Passed 12-17-18.)