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   (a)   Adoption.  The Council of the City of Avon Lake does hereby adopt the following rules for retention and disposition of public records of the Municipality, as recommended by the City Records Commission.
   (b)   Rule 1.  Each City department head shall submit to the Chairperson of the City Records Commission a schedule of records retention and disposition for records kept by his or her department, on forms provided by the Commission and available through the office of the Clerk of Council.
      (1)   After initial submission of a schedule of records retention and disposal, a department head may add additional records to the schedule by submitting a list of such additional records on a form provided by the City Records Commission.
      (2)   The City Records Commission will provide an application for one-time records disposal for records which are obsolete.  Approval for one-time disposal does not represent continuing authority to destroy records.
   (c)   Rule 2.  Upon receipt of the schedule of records retention and disposal, signed by the department head, the City Records Commission shall meet to review such schedule.  If approved, the schedule shall be forwarded to the Ohio Historical Society and Auditor of State, Bureau of Inspection and Supervision, for review.  The department head shall be advised by the Commission of approval or denial of the schedule of records retention and disposal for his or her department.
   (d)   Rule 3.  Upon approval of the schedule of record retention and disposal by all agencies specified in the Ohio Revised Code, a certificate of records disposal shall be completed by the department head, on a form provided by the Records Commission each time records listed on the approved records retention and disposal schedule are destroyed.
   (e)   Rule 4.  No City record shall be destroyed or otherwise disposed of without proper authorization of the City Records Commission.
   (f)   Record Defined.  As used in this section, "record" includes any document, device or item, regardless of physical form or characteristic, created or received by or coming under the jurisdiction of any Municipal office, which serves to document the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the Municipality.
(Ord. 214-90.  Passed 10-29-90.)