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   All positions in the service of the City shall be filled pursuant to open competitive examinations, except the following:
   (a)   Elected officials;
   (b)   Any member of a board or commission;
   (c)   Any head of a department other than the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief;
   (d)   The Director and Assistant Director of the Municipal Utilities Department;
   (e)   All positions in the Building Department, including the Chief Building Official, the Building Inspector, the Plumbing Inspector, the Electrical Inspector, the Residential Inspector and the Plans Examiner;
   (f)   One secretary each to the Mayor, the Director of Finance and any board, commission or head of a department; two secretaries for the Public Works Department;
   (g)   Any assistant to the Mayor, the Director of Finance or the Law Director;
   (h)   Any temporary appointment;
   (i)   Appointments to any other office requiring peculiar or exceptional qualifications;
   (j)   Seasonal or part-time employees;
   (k)   The Clerk of Council;
   (l)   The Dial-A-Bus Operator;
   (m)   Any finance clerk or trainee in the Finance Department;
   (n)   The Public Works Foreman; and
   (o)   The Zoning Administrator.
(Ord. 155-89.  Passed 7-17-89; Ord. 75-2013.  Passed 6-10-13; Ord. 43-2014.  Passed 4-14-14; Ord. 41-2019.  Passed 4-8-19.)