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   (a)   The Environmental Affairs Advisory Board shall consist of 14 members to be appointed by Council for terms of two years each. Up to six members of the Board shall be employees or representatives of industrial concerns located within the City and they need not be residents of the City. They shall be selected because of their knowledge, technical capability or interest in matters relating to air and/or water management and for their ability to competently represent both their own industry and industry in general, which is located in the community.
   (b)   The other members of the Board shall be resident members. During the term of their membership they shall be residents of the City and shall hold no other elective office in the City administration. These members shall be selected for their knowledge, technical ability or mere genuine interest in matters related to air and/or water management in the City. They shall not be employees of industrial concerns located in the City.
   (c)   No member of the Board shall receive compensation from the City for such service, but expenses incurred while on the business of the Board shall be paid by the City, subject to approval of Council.
   (d)   The Board shall select its own Chairperson.
   (e)   One member of the Natural Resources, Environmental, and Public Media Committee of Council, the Public Works Director, and the Mayor shall serve as ex officio members of the Board, that is, they may attend meetings of the Board, but shall not have voting power.
   (f)   The Director of Finance or his or her designate shall serve as Secretary to the Board.
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