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252.03  PURCHASES BETWEEN $5,000 AND $25,000.
   (a)   Department heads may initiate purchases which cost five thousand dollars ($5,000) or more, up to and including twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000), if appropriations have been provided for and if the unencumbered balance of the account is sufficient to include the cost of the item.
(Ord. 196-96.  Passed 11-11-96.)
   (b)   Written and public specifications shall be first prepared and placed on file and then competitive quotations shall be secured either by the department head or the Director of Finance.
   (c)   Insofar as possible and practical, such competitive quotations shall be secured, in writing, from at least three parties and shall be submitted by the department head to the Director with a requisition for the item to be purchased. The requisition shall include the specifications, a list of the quotations received, the quotation that the department head wishes to accept and, if the quotation to be accepted is not the lowest price for the item, the reason why it is the best purchase for the cost. If the necessary three or more written quotations were not received, the requisition shall specify good and sufficient reasons why they were not so taken. 
(Ord. 254-87.  Passed 12-14-87.)
   (d)   The department head shall prepare an abstract of the quotations and present it with such requisitions and other accompanying data to the appropriate Council Committee for its review. The Director shall issue a purchase order if money required for the expenditure or contract is in the treasury, or is in the process of collection, to the credit of the fund from which it is to be drawn and not appropriated for any other purpose.
(Ord. 196-96.  Passed 11-11-96.)
   (e)   All requisitions submitted shall be retained on file by the Director. 
(Ord. 254-87.  Passed 12-14-87; Ord. 215-04.  Passed 10-11-04; Ord. 74-2010.  Passed 6-28-10.)