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   (a)   There is hereby established in the Police Department a school crossing guard program which will be known as the Division of School Crossing Guards for the City.
   (b)   The school crossing guards shall be appointed as part-time temporary employees of the Division by the Mayor upon the recommendation of the Chief of Police and a person designated by the Board of Education.
   (c)   The school guards shall be trained and directed by the Chief who shall prescribe their uniform duties and responsibilities. The Chief or his or her designated agent shall be responsible for the training and discipline of school guards.
   (d)   School crossing guards shall comply with and be subject to ordinances of the City and laws of the State relating to school crossing guards and in particular to Sections 404.01, 416.01 and 416.03 of these Codified Ordinances. Such school crossing guards shall not bear any arms and shall make no arrests for violations, but shall report violations to duly designated police officers for further disposition.
   (e)   This school crossing guard program has been established in cooperation with the Board of Education which shall coordinate, through its designated representative, with the Chief of Police, so that the program is operated in an efficient and effective manner.
   (f)   The position of school crossing guard is not subject to the civil service regulations.
(Ord. 155-73.  Passed 9-10-73.)