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222.01  POSTING.
   All ordinances, resolutions, statements, orders, proclamations, notices and reports of the Municipality required to be published shall be published by being posted for a period of not less than fifteen days next following action thereon, in the following places, which are hereby determined by Council to be five of the most public places in the Municipality, except for notices to bidders for the construction of public improvements and notices of the sale of bonds, which shall be published in a newspaper as provided by Ohio R.C. 731.25, for the time provided by Ohio R.C. 731.22:
   (a)   At the entrance of the Old Firehouse (100 Avon Belden Road);
   (b)   At the entrance of the Avon Lake Public Library;
   (c)   At the entrance of the Post Office Building;
   (d)   At the entrance of the Municipal Building; and
   (e)   At the entrance of Drug Mart (33382 Walker Road).
(Ord. 83-98.  Passed 5-11-98; Ord. 113-2017.  Passed 7-10-17.)