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   (a)   Not later than thirty days after the general election in November, the President of Council shall call a meeting with the Council-elect for the sole purpose of electing a President of Council for the new term.
   (b)   The President of Council shall act as Presiding Officer at all regular meetings, special meetings, collective committee meetings and  work sessions of Council and shall be responsible for the orderly function and coordination of all Council activities.
   (c)   (1)   In the absence of the Council President, the President Pro Tem shall call meetings to order and preside at said meetings.  The President Pro Tem shall be elected by the Council at its organizational meeting and shall continue to be the President Pro Tem throughout the term of said Council.
      (2)   In the absence of the Council President and the President Pro Tem, the Secretary or any member of Council should call the meeting to order and Council, by motion, should immediately elect a Chairperson to preside at said meeting.
(Ord. 61-02.  Passed 3-11-02; Ord. 39-04.  Passed 2-23-04.)