Administrative divisions of land, or certified surveys, are intended to graphically represent the information of a boundary survey of property that is to be subdivided. The plat shall conform to the following requirements, as well as those set forth in 865 IAC 1-12, commonly known as “Indiana Rule 12":
   (A)   Date, north arrow, and standard engineering scale not less than one inch equals 200 feet, unless approved by the Commission designee. Plats shall be at a minimum size of 18" x 24" on mylar drawn in ink. The font size shall be no less than .08 of an inch, for any text on the survey. The title of each survey must also be conspicuous on either the top of the page or in the title block and must contain a clear reference to acknowledge the type of survey that has been created (e.g., original survey, retracement survey—including whether the retracement is a combination survey, or consolidation survey);
   (B)   Name, address, telephone number and seal of the Indiana Registered Land Surveyor responsible for the survey plat and the land surveyor's certificate (see § 151.03 (A)(1));
   (C)   Boundary of the parcel and subdivision of that parcel, including bearings and distances of each tangent course, and all necessary data for curve courses. The traverse that the boundary is depended on shall meet the minimum standards for Indiana, and if requested by the Commission designee, closure documentation shall be submitted in addition to the plat;
   (D)   Area in acres of the parent parcel and each subdivision of the parcel. If a parcel falls in two different townships, sections, or quarter sections, separate acreages shall be listed;
   (E)   Location, width, and names of public or private road rights-of-way that adjoin the boundary, and whether the road is maintained or abandoned. For situations where the rights-of-way are unknown or cannot be readily sourced through a prior survey or deed, the approximate width of pavement must be provided along the frontage(s) of the affected property;
   (F)   Encroachments discovered in the course of the survey;
   (G)   Names of adjacent property owners, deed record and page number, and recorded subdivisions with section or phase number;
      (1)   Instrument numbers may be supplied for any parcels established after 2000.
      (2)   For the purposes of this section, ADJACENT PROPERTY OWNERS shall include anyone who owns land that is contiguous to a subject property as well as anyone who owns land that is directly across the road right(s)-of-way—if property lines are/were projected to the center of the adjacent road right-of-way.
   (H)   Vicinity map with an accurate scale, at a township level;
   (I)   Statement by the applicant as to whether the transfer will be used, or is being used, for building or non-building purposes, and label this with bold letters on the parcel;
   (J)   A description of the size, character, and location—including the location relative to the surface of the ground—of all monuments, with notations indicating which were found and which were set;
   (K)   Current zoning of the subject property;
   (L)   The property parcel map number that the new lot is being divided from;
   (M)   Existing structures and distances to the newly established property lines;
   (N)   (1)   Label and show the boundaries of any cemetery if it exists on the site—or is situated within 100 feet of the affected property.
      (2)   The following statement shall also be added where cemeteries are noted: "Cemeteries subject to the requirements set forth in IC 14-21-1 et seq."
   (O)   Label and show the boundaries of any flood zones on the subject property which have been identified as being within a floodway, 100-year or 500-year floodplain(s), if any exist on the site. The current, applicable flood panel must also be referenced;
   (P)   Show utility, drainage, and any other known easements (where applicable) and road frontage;
   (Q)   Variances and/or covenants if applicable;
   (R)   Reference to source of title;
   (S)   Reference to Section, Township, Range and Political Township;
   (T)   Owner's certificate (see § 151.03 (A)(2), (3), or (4)) and certificate for plan commission approval (see § 151.03 (A)(5)), and certificate of the Dearborn County Recorder (see § 151.03 (A)(6)) and auditor (see § 151.03 (A)(9));
   (U)   For subdivisions that involve a connection to public sewer, the following statement shall appear on the plat: "This land division will be served with public sewer by the (insert sewer provider name here).”
   (V)   Sight distance statement.
      (1)   For subdivisions that are intended to be developed immediately, a sight distance study shall be performed. Existing access points should also have the following notes but may not be required to meet the sight distance requirements. A waiver can be granted if a documented sight distance study has been previously performed by the Commission Designee. The location of the future access point shall be indicated on the plat with the following statements:
         (a)   "The recording of this plat provides no guarantee that the designated location for the access point will receive sight distance approval from the City of Aurora Plan Commission."
         (b)   On ____ Day of __________, 200_ there are _______ feet of sight distance in the (easterly, westerly, northerly, southerly) direction and _______ feet of sight distance in the opposite (easterly, westerly, northerly, southerly) direction measured to meet the minimum sight distance requirements of the City of Aurora Zoning Ordinance.
      (2)   If the subdivision is not intended to be developed immediately, or a sight distance study has not been performed, the following statements shall appear on the plat:
         (a)   1.   “Upon visual inspection, there are approximately ______ feet of sight distance in the (easterly, westerly, northerly, southerly) direction and approximately _______ feet of sight distance in the opposite (easterly, westerly, northerly, southerly) direction.”
            2.   If multiple sections of sight distance exist, each section must be denoted on the plat.
         (b)   “At the time of this plat, a sight distance study has not been performed. A sight distance study will have to be performed by an Indiana registered Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor in accordance with the Major Plot Plan Review process prior to construction of new access points. The approval of this plat provides no guarantee that this parcel will meet the minimum sight distance requirements established by the City of Aurora Plan Commission.”
   (W)   A surveyor's report and legal description of the property;
   (X)   When a parcel adjoins an existing public street, a minimum width of one half the right-of-way shall be required in the form of an easement and shown on the plat along the entire lot frontage(s) as detailed in § 151.35 .
   (Y)   The following statement shall also appear on the plat: "This plat shall be void if not recorded within three months of the survey certification date, as stipulated in Indiana Rule 12."
(Ord. 2019-008, passed 5-13-19)