50.01   Definitions
   50.02   Sewer and sanitation mandatory; use of city water required; individual water taps required
   50.03   Use of revenues
   50.04   Contravention of bonding agreements and statutes
   50.05   Theft of services
   50.06   Use of city property for system installation
   50.07   Tampering with gas meters
   50.08   Opening and/or reading water meters
Rates and Fees for Utility Services
   50.15   Tap fees for water, gas, and sewer systems
   50.16   Cut-off/cut-on valve installation
   50.17   Disconnection/reconnection fee: services
   50.18   Gas and water deposits
   50.18A   Existing agreement exception
   50.19   Requests for meter testing
   50.20   Rate schedules
   50.21   Billing procedures
   50.22   Budget plan for gas bills
   50.23   Change in gas rates; refunds
   50.24   Adjustments of gas rates
   50.25   Water/sewer bill adjustment for leaks
Discontinuance of Utility Service
   50.35   Definitions
   50.36   Conditions under which city may refuse or discontinue to serve customers
   50.37   Conditions under which gas service may be discontinued
   50.38   Conditions under which water and sewer services may be discontinued
   50.39   City to ascertain condition of facilities prior to making new service connection
   50.40   Reconnection
   50.41   Notice by mail