(A)   Created; purposes.  The city, being a city of the second class under the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth, in order to accomplish the maximum economic, physical and social welfare and a coordinated and harmonious development of land, buildings and transportation facilities, does hereby establish and create the Planning Commission, as authorized by KRS Ch. 100.  The Planning Commission shall be organized and empowered as herein set forth.
   (B)   Name; jurisdiction.  This Commission shall be known as the Ashland Planning Commission.  Upon the appointment and subsequent approval of members, election of officers, and adoption of its bylaws, its official existence shall begin subject to the provisions of KRS Ch. 100.  The Commission may engage in planning operations within its jurisdiction which shall be coterminous with its political boundary, except where otherwise provided for by KRS 100.131.
   (C)   Membership.
      (1)   The Planning Commission shall consist of nine members.  The Mayor, by and with the approval of the Board of Commissioners, shall appoint the members of the Planning Commission.  All members of the Planning Commission shall serve without compensation but reimbursement of expenses shall be authorized.
      (2)   The term of office of all elected public officials appointed to the Commission shall be the same as their official tenure in office.  The term of office of other members of the Commission shall be four (4) years; except, that the original terms shall be staggered so that the proportionate number shall serve one, two, three and four years, respectively. Reappointments or appointments to fill vacancies shall continue a staggered pattern.  All vacancies, whether by resignation, dismissal or expiration of the term of office, shall be filled within 60 days by the appointing authority or as may otherwise be provided for in KRS 100.147. (KRS 100.143)
      (3)   The constitutional oath of office shall be administered to all members of the Commission before entering upon their duties.  The oath shall be administered as provided by law.
      (4)   A member may be removed by the appointing authority for inefficiency, neglect of duty, malfeasance or conflict of interest.  The removed member shall have the right of an appeal in the manner prescribed by KRS 100.157.
   (D)   Officers; staff.  The Commission shall elect a Chairperson and any other officers which it shall deem necessary from among its citizen members.  The term of office shall be one (1) year, and all officers shall be eligible for re-election.  The Commission may employ a staff as it may deem necessary for its work and may contract with professional planners and other parties for such services as it may require.
   (E)   Meetings.  The Commission shall conduct at least one regular meeting each month for the transaction of its business.  The bylaws adopted by the Commission shall reflect the schedule of regular meetings, the manner in which notice shall be given, date, time and place and the subject or subjects to be discussed at special meetings, as well as the method of calling special meetings.  A simple majority of the total membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  After a quorum has been established, a simple majority of that quorum may transact any official business, except in those instances where there is to be an adoption or amendment of the Commission’s bylaws or elements of the comprehensive plan or regulations, in which case a vote of a simple majority of the total membership shall be required to constitute a quorum.
   (F)   Bylaws.  The Commission shall adopt and approve its bylaws before it may properly transact any other business.  The bylaws shall set forth the procedures, rules, and regulations necessary for the Commission to conduct its business.  The bylaws shall describe the method for administration of funds and provide for an annual audit thereof. 
(’83 Code, § 34.18)  (Ord. 1-1967, passed 1-9-67;
Am. Ord. 21-1968, passed 5-27-68)
   Planning Commission to approve or disapprove subdivision plats, see §§ 154.15 and 154.28
Statutory reference:
   Planning Commission, see KRS 100.133 through 100.181