General Provisions
   90.001   Definitions
   90.002   Interference with Humane Officer prohibited
   90.003   Exclusion of assistance animal prohibited
   90.004   Dangerous, poisonous animals prohibited
   90.005   Barking dogs; noisy animals
Animal Care Requirements
   90.020   General care requirements
   90.021   Sale of animals as novelties or prizes prohibited
   90.022   Motor vehicle accidents involving animals
   90.023   Leaving animals in motor vehicles
   90.024   Poisoning animals
   90.025   Trapping of animals
   90.026   Maximum number of dogs or cats permitted
   90.027   Acreage requirements for certain domestic animals and prohibition of swine
   90.028   Removal of animal waste and dead animals
   90.029   Animal bites and reports
   90.030   Vaccination of dogs and cats required
   90.031   Spaying and neutering of adopted animals
Pet Registration; Permit Procedures
   90.045   Pet registration
   90.046   Controlled animal permit
   90.047   Petshop/breeder permit
   90.048   Dangerous animal/attack dog permit
   90.049   Animal performance/exhibition permit
   90.050   Permit exemptions
   90.051   Issuance of permits
   90.052   Fees
   90.053   Inspection
   90.054   Permit revocation
Enforcement; Impoundment Procedures
   90.065   Warning notice for violation
   90.066   Confinement by other than town officials
   90.067   Breaking into animal shelter prohibited
   90.068   Impoundment procedures
   90.999   Penalty