4-14.01   Purpose and intent
   4-14.02   Definitions
   4-14.03   Administration; funding; increases in fees and fines; annual evaluation
   4-14.04   Alarm registrations required; terms; fees and fee collection
   4-14.05   Registration application; contents
   4-14.06   Transfer of registration prohibited
   4-14.07   Duties of alarm users
   4-14.08   Audible alarms; restrictions, abatement of malfunctioning alarm
   4-14.09   Registration and duties of alarm installation companies and monitoring companies
   4-14.10   Duties and authority of the Alarm Administrator
   4-14.11   False alarm fines; fees; late charges
   4-14.12   Notice to alarm users of false alarms and suspension of a police response
   4-14.13   Alarm registration suspension, fees, fines; violation to make alarm dispatch request for suspended alarm site
   4-14.14   Appeals of determinations regarding alarm registrations, fees and fines
   4-14.15   Reinstatement of suspended alarm registrations
   4-14.16   Suspension of police response to dispatch requests from certain alarm installation companies and monitoring companies
   4-14.17   Police Department response
   4-14.18   Confidentiality of alarm information
   4-14.19   Scope of police duty; immunities preserved