Chapter 5.04
   5.04.010   Definitions
   5.04.020   Revenue Measure
   5.04.030   Effect on Other Titles, Chapters or Ordinances
   5.04.040   License and Fee Payment Required
   5.04.050   Branch Establishments
   5.04.060   Two or More Businesses Operated by One Person
   5.04.070   Exceptions
   5.04.080   Evidence of Doing Business
   5.04.090   Constitutional Apportionment
   5.04.100   Applications
   5.04.110   Prerequisite to Issuance - Completion of Application; Revocation of License
   5.04.120   Unlawful Businesses
   5.04.130   Persons Indebted to City for Unpaid License Fees
   5.04.140   Payment of License Fees
   5.04.150   Issuance; Receipts
   5.04.160   Licenses not to Authorize Unlawful Businesses
   5.04.170   Posting and Keeping
   5.04.180   Transferability
   5.04.190   Duplicates
   5.04.200   Statements and Records
   5.04.210   Information Confidential
   5.04.220   Failure to File Statement or Corrected Statement
   5.04.230   Appeal
   5.04.240   Refunds of Overpayments
   5.04.250   Revocation
   5.04.260   Business Location Requirements
   5.04.270   Penalties for Delinquent Payment of Fees
   5.04.280   Abatement of Violations
   5.04.290   Schedule of Fees
         Amusements - General
         Amusements - Outdoor Festivals
         Automobile Sales - Generally
         Automobile Sales - Repair Garage
         Automobile Storage or Parking Lot
         Automobile and Truck Wrecking or Dismantling
         Bankrupt, Damaged Goods, Distress Sales, etc.
         Barbershops and Beauty Parlors/Salons
         Baths, Public
         Billiard Parlors and Pool Halls
         Bowling Alley
         Brokers, Agencies and Agents
         Car Wash
         Christmas Trees
         Confectionary Wagons
         Dances, Dance Halls, Night Clubs and Cabarets
         Dancing Academies
         Dry Cleaning
         Food Catering Service
         Fortune Telling and Other Similar Practices
         Garbage and Refuse Collection
         Home Occupations
         Hospitals, Convalescent Homes, Community Care Facilities
         Hotels, Motels and Other Rental Units
         House Moving
         Importing Merchandise at Wholesale
         Importing of Merchandise for Retail Sales
         Itinerant Photographers
         Janitorial Services and Supplies
         Junk Dealers or Salvage Collectors
         Laundries or Laundromat
         Lumber or Building Materials
         Manufacturing/Industrial Business
         Manufacturing/Industrial Classified Businesses
         Massage Establishments
         Moving Pictures
         Nursery - Landscaping
         Oil Products Distribution (Service Stations)
         Oil Products Distribution from Non-fixed Place of Business
         Other Retail and Wholesale Trades, Occupations
         Peddlers - Itinerant Peddlers
         Pest Control
         Private Detective, Private Patrol, Watchman
         Professional Services
         Race Tracks
         Real Estate
         Riding Academy
         Safe and Sane Fireworks
         Secondhand Dealers
         Septic Tank/Cesspool Cleaning
         Shoe Shining
         Shooting Gallery
         Solicitors - Generally
         Swap Meets
         Tattoo Artists
         Teachers of Dramatic Art, Handicrafts, Music, etc.
         Transient Merchants
         Travel Bureau
         Trucking, Hauling
         Vehicle Delivery
   5.04.300   Enforcement