Chapter 92:  Telecommunications
General Provisions
   92-01   Purpose and findings
   92-02   Definitions
   92-03   Rights reserved to city
   92-04   City police power; continuing jurisdiction
   92-05   Violation
License or Franchise to Occupy Public Highways
   92-15   License required by telecommunications corporations
   92-16   Telecommunication corporation license proposal
   92-17   License or franchise terms
   92-18   Limited communications provider licenses authorized; fees
   92-19   Right-of-way permit
   92-20   Revocation; refusal to renew
Rental Fees for Use of Public Highways
   92-30   Fees and costs
   92-31   (Repealed)
   92-32   Non-facilities-based resellers
Location and Relocation of Facilities in Public Highways
   92-40   Registration
   92-41   Location and relocation of facilities in public highway
   92-42   Conflicts with city projects
   92-43   Damage to city public highways and facilities
   92-44   Relocation of facilities
   92-99   Penalty