§ 92-40  Registration.
   Providers using or planning to use the city's public highways must register with the city on a form prescribed by the city and must include the following information:  the provider's name, address and telephone number; a description of the services provided and to be provided; a description of the facilities used or to be provided by provider; and a description of the location of the facilities.  A provider shall file a proposed amendment to the registration before it makes any change that would render the registration information incomplete or inaccurate.  A change of the provider's name or address must be filed at least 60 days prior to the date the change becomes effective; a change in the telephone number must be filed 10 days before the change becomes effective; in the case of change in facilities (by addition, subtraction or modification or movement) the change in facilities must be filed at least 60 days before work commences on the facilities unless the relocation was ordered by the city.  In the case of a change in services, the change must be noticed 30 days before the earlier of the date the service commences, or provider begins marketing the service.
(Ord. O98-02, passed 1-7-98; Ord. O2018-019, passed 8-1-18)