§ 92-20  Revocation; Refusal to Renew.
   The city may revoke or refuse to renew any license or franchise issued or granted under this chapter for failure to comply with the material terms and conditions of the license or franchise or applicable law. A license or franchise may be revoked only if the licensee or franchisee has been given written notice of the defect or defects in performance and the defect is not or the defects are not cured within 60 days of the notice, unless the city finds that the defect is due to intentional misconduct, is a violation of criminal law, or is part of a pattern of violations if the licensee or franchisee has already had notice and opportunity to cure. If the licensee requests a hearing, a hearing shall be held before a license is revoked or not renewed.
(Ord. O99-52, passed 8-4-99; Ord. O2018-019, passed 8-1-18)