§ 92-16  Telecommunications Corporation License Proposal.
   (A)   A telecommunications corporation desiring a license to construct, install, operate and maintain telecommunication facilities in streets and other highways of the city shall file a proposal with the City Administrator, in the form prescribed by the city, and shall pay an application fee determined by the City Engineer. The amount of the application fee shall be reasonably related to the cost directly incurred by the city relating to the granting or administration of the license and can be appealed to the City Administrator.
   (B)   Each application shall, at a minimum:
      (1)   Show where the facilities the applicant will use will be located, or contain such other information as the city may deem necessary in order to ensure that the applicant will comply with the requirements for use of the highways;
      (2)   Identify the applicant, its name, address and telephone number;
      (3)   Contain a description of the services to be provided; and
      (4)   Set out a description of any agreement with any other entity that would permit such entity to use the facilities.
   (C)   Upon receiving an application for a license that satisfies the conditions of subsection (B), the city shall promptly proffer a telecommunications license to the applicant for its review, and may inquire into matters relevant to the issuance of the license.  If the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions of the license, the request shall be approved.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the city need not issue or renew a license if the applicant has previously had a license or permit revoked, or for any other reason permitted under Arizona law.
(Ord. O98-02, passed 1-7-98; Ord. O99-52, passed 8-4-99; Ord. O2003-48, passed 10-15-03; Ord. O2018-019, passed 8-1-18)