Chapter 70:  General Business Regulations
Occupation License Tax
   70-01   License required
   70-02   Enforcement
   70-03   Conviction no bar to payment of tax
   70-04   Definitions
   70-05   Tax schedule
   70-06   Professionals and professional services defined
   70-07   Unspecified businesses, trades, and the like
   70-08   When tax due and payable
   70-09   Manner of payment
   70-10   Amount of tax restricted
   70-11   Bankrupt stocks
   70-12   Tax a debt; collection
   70-13   Separate businesses and premises
   70-14   Issuance; contents
   70-15   Quarterly report of gross receipts
   70-16   Monthly report to Council
   70-17   Transfer
   70-18   Display
   70-19   Duration restricted
   70-20   Door to door solicitation
   70-21   Swap meets, fairgrounds, farmers markets, and street fairs
   70-22   Zoning
Boards and Commissions
   70-30   Industrial Development Authority
   70-31   Municipal Properties Corporation
   70-99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Power of city to license for purposes of revenue, regulation, see Charter Art. III, § 9
Statutory reference:
   Power of city to levy occupational license fee, issue license, see A.R.S. §§ 9-240(B)(18) and 9-240(B)(19)