§ 70-11  Bankrupt Stocks.
   No person shall advertise, report or hold forth a sale of goods, wares or merchandise as a bankrupt, insolvent, assignee, trustee, executor, administrator, receiver or a closing out sale of any goods damaged by fire, water or otherwise, unless before so doing, he or it shall have filed with the City Clerk a surety bond in the sum of $500, payable to the city, conditioned that the principal will faithfully conform to all provisions of this code and ordinances of the city, then in force or thereafter adopted, relating to bankrupt stocks.  Before engaging in such business, he or its, shall further furnish to the city license tax collector an inventory of the entire stock of the goods, wares or merchandise to be offered for sale, a statement of the person and character of such sale including a statement of the persons or firms from whom purchased and the place where such goods, wares or merchandise were last exhibited for sale.
('80 Code, § 16-27)  (Ord. 352, passed 4-7-36; Ord. 2662, passed 7-6-94)