(a)   Denial; Appeal. Whenever a person has applied for a license to operate a taxicab or automobile kept for hire, or motorcycle for lease or rent, or as a driver or chauffeur thereof, and has been refused a license by the Mayor, it shall be the duty of the Mayor to notify the applicant in writing within five days after his refusing the license, and to return therewith the advanced fee. The person refused the license shall then have the right to appeal to a board composed of the Mayor, the Police Chief and the Law Director. The board, after full hearing, shall have the power to sustain or modify the Mayor's decision and shall have the power to order the license granted and the action of this board shall be final. In order to perfect this appeal, the applicant shall serve written notice of his intention to appeal at the office of the Police Chief within five days after receipt of notice from the Mayor that his application has been rejected.
   (b)   Revocation.
      (1)   The Mayor may revoke any license covered by this chapter whenever the person to whom the license has been granted has been convicted for violation of any provision of this chapter, or whenever the Police Chief files a recommendation with the Mayor that the license or permit shall be revoked.
      (2)   All licenses issued under provisions of this chapter shall be subject to revocation by the Mayor for misconduct on the part of the licensee.
   (c)   Employment of Certain Persons Prohibited. Anyone licensed under provisions of this chapter who permits a person whose taxicab license or license for an automobile kept for hire, or leases or rents a motorcycle for hire, or who operates the latter, or whose license to drive such motor vehicle has been revoked by the proper authority, or who has been convicted of a misdemeanor while in charge of and/or operation or control of a taxicab or automobile or motorcycle kept for hire, rent or lease, to manage, drive, control or in any manner direct such taxicab, or automobile or motorcycle kept for rent, lease or hire, shall be subject to the penalties provided in Section 785.99 and shall further have his license revoked for a period of six months to two years, as the court determines.
   (d)   Citizenship. No license to operate a taxicab, shall be granted to any person, persons or association of persons not citizens of the United States.
   No license shall be granted to any corporation to engage in any of the various trades, businesses and professions under the provisions of this chapter, unless a majority of the stockholders of the corporation are citizens of the United States. (1967 Code §§117.34 to 117.38)