(a)   All permits issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and required to be renewed will be renewed annually and shall run from January 1 to December 31. Any permit renewed on or after March 1 shall contain an additional charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) as penalty.
   (b)   The receipt of more than five accidental false alarms within the one year period prescribed in Section 711.05(c), from any premises pursuant to this section, shall be considered cause for the imposition of a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) charge against the permit holder for each additional false alarm in excess of five in a one year period.
   (c)   Upon termination of or denial of permit renewal, the permit applicant shall forthwith arrange for the removal of all equipment connecting that system to the Police or Fire Department. If such removal is not completed within thirty days, the Chief of Police and/or the Fire Chief is authorized to contract for such removal at the expense of the permit applicant.
   (d)   Permit may be revoked and permit renewal may be denied by the issuing authority if information of a false or fictitious nature is found, as offered by the applicant or for good cause shown, provided that such permit renewal may be denied for any cause other than those included herein.
   (e)   Application for reinstatement of any permit which has been revoked or denied renewal for good cause shown shall be considered by the issuing authority upon compliance with Section 711.04. Concurrent therewith, the applicant shall pay a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00). (Ord. 82-505. Passed 11-10-82.)