31.01   Land development fee schedule
   31.02   Pending ordinance doctrine adopted
   31.03   Procedures established for filing and processing of petitions addressed to County Council or other county agencies, boards and commissions
   31.04   Enforcement officers appointed and commissioned
   31.05   Probate court schedule of fees and costs
   31.06   Coroner’s office schedule of fees
   31.07   911 system
   31.08   Alarm systems
   31.09   Uniform system for road naming and property numbering
   31.10   Procedure for pauper burials established; cremation
   31.11   Relocation assistance
Privacy Protection
   31.20   Short title
   31.21   Policies and procedures required of county, its agencies, boards, commissions, departments, and the like
   31.22   Definitions and requirements in complying with records requests
   31.23   Display of Freedom of Information Act link and policy on web site; access to personal information disclosure; criminal justice and judicial agency exception
   31.24   [Reserved]
   31.25   Inspection of public records and fees; records management
   31.26   Exceptions
   31.99   Penalty