A.   Violation:
      1.   Any person or corporation who violates any provision of the several codes hereby adopted shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished under title 1, chapter 4, "General Penalty", of this Code.
   B.   Civil Penalties:
      1.   Abatement Procedures: If the owner of a noncomplying building or structure refuses to obey an abatement order made by the City Council, the City may proceed with abatement and levy a lien upon the property for the expense thereof.
      2.   Business License Revocation: The City of Yerington business license of any person or corporation which, holding such license, violates the provisions hereof, may be terminated or canceled after a duly noticed public hearing and a finding that the person or corporation has violated or caused violation of the provisions hereof. (Ord. 18-04, 1-14-2019)