ARTICLE I. Incorporation of City; General Powers; Boundaries; Annexations; City Offices
Preamble: Legislative intent   1.010
Incorporation of City   1.020
Description of territory   1.030
Annexations   1.040
Elective offices   1.050
Elective offices: Vacancies   1.060
Appointive offices   1.070
Appointive officers: Duties; salary   1.080
Officers' fidelity bonds   1.090
ARTICLE II. Legislative Department
City Council: Qualifications; election; term of office; salary   2.010
City Council: Contracts   2.020
City Council: Discipline of members, other persons; subpoena power   2.030
Meetings: Quorum   2.040
Meetings: Special   2.050
Meetings: Time and place; rules   2.060
Oaths and affirmations   2.070
Powers of City Council: Ordinances, resolutions and orders   2.080
Ordinances: Passage by bill; amendments; subject matter; title requirements   2.090
Ordinances: Enactment procedure; emergency ordinances   2.100
Codification of ordinances; publication of Code   2.110
Powers of City Council: Public property, buildings   2.120
Powers of City Council: Eminent domain   2.130
Powers of City Council: Licensing, regulation and prohibition of businesses, trades and professions   2.140
Powers of City Council: Police ordinances   2.150
Powers of City Council: Fire protection; regulation of explosives, inflammable materials; fire codes and regulations   2.160
Powers of City Council: Public health; Board of Health; regulations   2.170
Powers of City Council: Buildings; construction and maintenance regulations; building and safety codes   2.180
Powers of City Council: Zoning and planning   2.190
Powers of City Council: Rights-of-way, parks, public buildings and grounds and other public places   2.200
Powers of City Council: Traffic control   2.210
Powers of City Council: Parking meters; off-street public parking facilities   2.220
Powers of City Council: Railroads   2.230
Powers of City Council: Nuisances   2.240
Powers of City Council: Animals and poultry   2.250
Powers of City Council: Abatement of noxious insects, rats and disease-bearing organisms   2.260
Powers of City Council: Sanitary sewer facilities   2.270
Powers of City Council: Provision of utilities   2.280
Powers of City Council: Cemeteries; acquisition and maintenance   2.290
ARTICLE III. Executive Department
Mayor: Qualifications; duties   3.010
City Manager: Duties   3.020
City Clerk: Duties   3.030
City Clerk's bond   3.040
City Attorney: Qualifications; duties   3.050
County Assessor to be ex officio City Assessor; duties   3.060
Chief of Police: Duties   3.070
City officers: Absence from office   3.080
City officers: Collection and disposition of moneys   3.090
Removal of officers   3.100
ARTICLE IV. Judicial Department
Municipal Court: Municipal Judge   4.020
Payment of fines   4.040
ARTICLE V. Elections
Municipal elections   5.010
Applicability of state election laws, elections under City Council control   5.020
Qualifications, registration of voters   5.030
Names on ballots   5.040
Ballots for ordinances and Charter amendments   5.050
Availability of lists of registered voters   5.060
Watchers and challengers   5.070
Voting machines   5.080
Election returns; canvass; certificates of election; entry of officers upon duties; tie vote procedure   5.090
Contest of election   5.100
ARTICLE VI. Local Improvements
Local improvement law   6.010
Local improvement law: Collateral powers   6.020
ARTICLE VII. Local Bonds and Franchises
Debt limit   7.010
Acquisition, operation of municipal utilities   7.020
Borrowing money   7.030
Municipal taxes   8.010
Revenue ordinances   8.020
ARTICLE IX. Miscellaneous Provisions
Severability of provisions   9.010
Effect of enactment of Charter   9.020